The Fitzsimmons Family (Rodney & Cathy)

Location: Haiti

Ministry: Rodney was raised in a Christian home and saved at the age of 11. He was called to preach at the age of 16 and began preparing for missionary service at Indiana Baptist College. It was there that he met Cathy and they were married in 1979. Both graduated from IBC in 1981. It was during their final year at college that the Lord called them to be missionaries to Haiti. After deputation, they arrived on the field of Haiti in November of 1983. During 25 years of church planting ministry in Haiti hundreds of souls have been saved, 13 churches have been established, and the Berean Baptist Bible School started in the late 90's presently enrolls over 450 students training for the ministry and Christian service.

Rodney and Cathy have two children and four grandchildren with one more on the way. Both their children and their mates are active in the ministry and both their son and son-in-law have been called to preach.


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Fitzsimmons HIBM

c/o MFI

P.O. Box 15665

W. Palm Beach, FL 33416

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